Mark S. Walsh was comptroller of National Stone Association producer member Rein, Shultz, and Dahl of Illinois and an active member of the Young Leaders Steering Committee. He was an energetic and enthusiastic supporter of the Young Leaders’ mission, purpose and activities. In the two years that Mark served on the Steering Committee, he offered sage advice and unique insights on exactly what the focus and purpose of the Young Leaders should be for new young executives in the aggregates industry, like himself. Mark passed away from leukemia in 1999 at 37 years old. 

In memory of Mark’s leadership and commitment, Young Leaders established the Mark S. Walsh Annual Leadership Award to be given to an individual that exemplifies the ideals by which he led his life: quality, honesty and integrity. Those recognized with the Mark S. Walsh Annual Leadership Award exhibit leadership traits of professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment in working to improve and develop the image and programs of the Young Leaders. For questions regarding the Mark S. Walsh Annual Leadership Award, please contact the NSSGA Meetings team at

In your nomination, please consider the following characteristics of your nominee:

1. Participation in YL. Consistently attends, and encourages others' attendance. Acts responsibly in a manner befitting our industry and provides a good example for new Young Leaders.

2. Leadership. Demonstrates strong leadership and professional  skills like integrity in their role in their company and within the YL group. Contributes to the development of future leaders in the aggregates industry.

3. Involvement within NSSGA overall. Participates in other committees, attends meetings and events, promotes Young Leaders work, encourages others to join the association.

4. Length of service. How long they've been a Young Leader and actively embodies the above criteria.

Nominations are accepted through March 22, 2024.