The purpose of NSSGA's Legislative & Policy Forum (LPF) is for us to convene and collaborate in telling the story of the aggregates industry to promote policies important to us. 

Why should I attend? 

  • Tell your story to our elected officials and policy makers; let them hear from you the direct impact our industry has on the American economy. 

  • Help promote policy priorities of the aggregates industry.  

  • Learn important advocacy strategies that are critical to advancing our industry.  

  • Get D.C. insider perspective on the political landscape and pre-election analysis. 

  • Hear from members of Congress directly to get their sense of what will happen.

Advocacy is an important effort that requires the engagement of every NSSGA member, and you have the help and guidance of NSSGA’s talented Government Affairs staff to help you prepare for Hill Day. Prior to the start of the LPF, this team will offer prepratory in-depth webinars to make a lasting impact with key members of Congress and their staff during Hill Day. This is a great opportunity to engage in the issues affecting stone, sand, and gravel producers and to ensure our voice is heard by our elected representatives.